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Direct Payments are Cash Budgets that are given in lieu to individuals who have been assessed to be meeting certain conditions and still qualify to receive social care services to enable them to arrange and pay for the cost of their care and support directly.

By giving individuals money in lieu of social care services, individuals have greater choice and control over their lives with regards to how and when their cash budget is spent, but as a general rule it must only be spent on care services and equipment that meet their identified care and support needs.

Direct Payments involves the responsibilities on individuals to employ their own staff, often known as personal assistants, or to commission services for themselves. The Individual’s local social services will undertake regular service and financial reviews to see how the service is going and how the money is being spent and will require certain documentation as evidence.

Individuals on Direct Payments can contact Genesis directly and we will be more than happy to arrange and provide their full care and support needs as well as the legal invoices for any services provided which are also required by the social services as evidence.

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