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Genesis recruitment Agency Ltd shares a set of values that are common across the whole organisation, these values reflect the views of our staff and were created with their input. We will promote and protect these values in pursuit of our organisation’s vision and mission:

All our staff in the entire organisation are expected to behave in a manner that is consistent with these values

  • Continual enhancement of a quality service through annual reviews.
  • News – we will work honestly and deliver what we promise and ensure that queries are attended to within the policies and procedures time frame.
  • Equal employment opportunity – we will ensure all positions are occupied by people who deserve the posts.
  • Transparency – we will work openly and promote loyalty and trust in ourselves and contracting partners, we will make it possible to confront problems professionally.
  • Accountability – we will ensure that Managers and employees are made accountable.
  • Ownership – we will take personal responsibility for all our actions and omissions, we will encourage feedback and share in the positive and negative, decision makers must be prepared to defend them, rectify their mistakes if they are not sound and apologise when necessary.
  • Professionalism – we will take pride in our conduct, protect confidentiality, present a positive impression of ourselves and our organisation, we will present ourselves and our workplaces in the best possible manner.
  • Teamwork – we will ensure that Directors, Managers and care staff are all part of a team whose overall objective should be to achieve the goals of the organisation.
  • Social Responsibility – we will remember we are part of a vibrant local community and our environment, we will encourage behaviour that gives back to the communities we support.
  • Valuing People – we will show respect to others, we will promote inclusiveness, tolerance and diversity, we will encourage learning and development in ourselves and others.
  • Innovation – we will encourage ideas for continuous improvement in everything we do, we will feel encouraged to share our ideas.
  • Excellence – we will commit to be the best we can be in all that we do, we will pursue to built a reputation for excellence driven by our passion for caring, …we are passionate about caring!


Palliative Care

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Community Outreach

We also provide community outreach support/service for people with leaning disabilities and/or mental health needs.

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Live-In Care

With our live-in care service, we are able to provide you with somebody to live with you in your home and provide…

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