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Many people pay for their own care because they do not meet the requirements for financial help with their care. Local Social Services are required to carry out financial assessments and reviews to determine if an individual seeking social care support is eligible to receive financial help to fund the cost of their social care.

To find out about your eligibility to receive financial assistance with your care, please contact your local social services who will be able to advise and provide you with all the necessary information you may require with regards to their own processes and local financial eligibility criteria.

If you are not eligible for your local social services financial help, then you will need to fund your own care. In which case, if you ask your local social services, they will be able to advise and give you information about the preferred and approved care providers in your local area that you can approach directly and arrange for own your care with a provider of your choice.

Other funding methods

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Continuing Care (NHS)

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